Creative Industries

Creative Industries

Trinidad and Tobago is known for its cultural diversity and rich historical roots. The blend of these attributes results in a microcosm of creative talent and best practice models for the island’s creative industries.

Investment Opportunities

Animation Studio

Establish a 50-60 seat animation studio that can leverage huge cost advantage in relation to the North American market. The studio’s focus should be on 2D production work that would include: Modeling, Character Rigging, Voice Recording, Layout, Screenplay, Storyboarding, Visual Development, Lighting, Texturing, Composting, Sound Effects, Music Content, Repurposing and Digital Management.

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Film Studio

An investor can engage in the design, build, and operation of a facility within Trinidad and Tobago at 1 of 3 recommended sites. The facility can operate as a film studio serving the motion picture (films), TV and Animation segments.

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Tamana InTech Park

The Tamana InTech Park offers office accommodation for the establishment of animation studios and light manufacturing or assembly type operations within the creative industries.

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“I am thrilled with this great opportunity for Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago with the filming of "El Desafio 2016". This is the thirteenth edition of this reality show that has conquered the hearts and loyalty of Colombian viewers with its vibrant photography, scenography and music. El Desafio is in the top 10 of TV shows with the highest ratings in Colombian television history. The production is always impeccable, so Trinidadians and Tobagonians can trust that the best of their country will be seen by Colombians and the rest of the world.”
Jaime Acosta, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Colombia, 2016

Industry Facts

  • Large talented pool of creative professionals in fashion, music, carnival arts and multimedia UWI and UTT
  • Trinidad & Tobago - Home of the steel pan, the only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century
  • The Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is the largest participatory carnival in the world

Key Players

Why T&T for this industry?

There are duty-free concessions for film makers on machinery, equipment and materials for the production of motion pictures in T&T.

T&T is cost-effective against other locations for the production of animated features. It offers a nearshore alternative for North American and European animation production studios. The industry comprises:

  • 3 local 2D Animation Companies
  • 1 local 3D Animation Company
  • 11 television stations
  • Over 150 trained and experienced animators

Since 2001, Animae Caribe’s Animation and Digital Media Festival has raised the awareness of animation in the Caribbean. The festival attracts top animators from studios such as Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Aardman and Nicklelodeon to T&T to present and host workshops for upcoming and professional animators.

  • Diverse Filming Locations & People

    T&T is an ideal location for local and foreign film production due to a diversity of cultures and a combination of historical and modern architectural landscapes.
  • Educated, Skilled Workforce

    here are over 7,000 university graduates annually. UTT offers tertiary level training in Performing Arts, Fashion Design, Digital Media Studies and Fashion Management, while UWI offers education in Film Production, Carnival Studies, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts.

Invest in the Creativity of T&T

Investment is welcomed in the following areas:

  • The establishment of sound stages
  • On-location film productions
  • An industrial park zoned for the production of apparel and carnival costumes "Made in T&T"
  • Dubbing and subtitling facilities
  • Joint ventures with local animation studios
  • A sound & music equipment facility


The main driver behind the growth of T&T’s creative industry is the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, which is the largest generator of revenue within the music and entertainment sector. Carnival also has an important export element outside of the local carnival season. Then masquerade bands, soca musicians and sundry support service providers work overseas at carnivals in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Trinidad and Tobago Creative Industries Company Limited (CreativeTT) stimulates and facilitates the business development and export activities of the creative industries in T&T. It is responsible for the strategic development of 3 niche areas – Fashion (FashionTT), Film (FilmTT) and Music (MusicTT).

Creative TT Groups


FashionTT provides service for local fashion industry stakeholders (primarily fashion designers), in the areas of fashion apparel, functional apparel and accessories. A few highlights:

  • T&T’s fashion products have been sold in the USA, Canada and Europe with opportunities for trade in the Asian and Latin American markets.
  • The local value chain includes fashion and accessory designers, pattern makers, fabric and trimming suppliers, equipment suppliers, machine operators, branding and packaging suppliers, retailers, distributors, models and training institutions.
  • Trinidadian fashion designer and model Anya Ayoung Chee earned international recognition when she won the 9th season of the American TV Show Project Runway in 2011.


T&T is a leader in culture, music and entertainment and there are many opportunities for international record labels to invest in the development of new talent.

  • Popular soca music artistes Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano won the prestigious award for Best International Talent in the 2013 and 2014 Soul Train Awards.
  • Trinidad-born International rapper, singer and song-writer Nicki Minaj has received 10 grammy nominations throughout her career, and has won 6 American Music Awards, 11 BET awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards and 4 Billboard music awards.


The Trinidad & Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT) provides logistics support and film commission services such as location scouting and research. It acts as a liaison for industry partners, communities, production houses and government agencies.

  • The local value chain comprises actors and actresses, casting service providers, camera operators, costume designers, film or video producers, set designers, script writers and sound equipment companies. It also includes entertainment attorneys, hotels and transport providers, as well as other pre-production, production and ancillary services.

  • The country hosts local and international feature films such as Bazodee and Girlfriends Getaway.

  • Reality TV shows, documentaries, commercials, music videos and animation films are also produced in T&T.

  • The annual Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival celebrates films from around the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as from world cinema.

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